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November 6, 2011


Silat Solutions a leading global provider of converged telecom solutions, signed a joint venture agreement with Batelco, under which Silat will provide Batelco with its innovative Ring Back tones service platform, in addition to content and service management, to distribute content to customers’ mobile handsets in Bahrain.

Launched on November 6, 2011 the new Batelco Rannah service; allows customers to personalize their ring-back tone to entertain their friends and families who call them.

The Rannah Service enables subscribers to customize their mobile by playing a selection of ring tones for their callers to enjoy, instead of listening to the normal waiting tone. Subscribers can assign their tones to play for all callers or customize them to play for specific individual callers or a group of callers; also they can gift tones to other Batelco Rannah subscribers or copy their friend’s tones.

With Rannah, you choose the ring back tone you want” said Batelco Group general manager media relations Ahmed Al Janahi.

Customized ring tones are very popular today, especially with our younger customers. We are therefore very pleased to add another fun element to using Batelco’s top quality mobile services.”

It is worth mentioning that Silat [Protei MENA] Solutions’ cater more than 37 mobile and fixed-line operators in 17 countries to serve over 100 million subscribers worldwide through an integrated wide range of product lines to include: Messaging, Roaming, Value Added Services, Customer Care, NGN, Transport & SIM card applications.

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